Stubnitz Award

2022 Stubnitz Award Recipient – De’Angelo Boone

De’Angelo Boone is the 2022 recipient of the Stubnitz Award. The Stubnitz Award is presented annually to a person or couple demonstrating exemplary commitment to Lenawee Cares, our community, and volunteerism in Lenawee. The award is named in memory of Lenawee’s philanthropist and businessman, Maurice Stubnitz. Boone is currently employed as the Community Outreach and Volunteer Manager for Habitat for Humanity of Lenawee County and is the author of two books. He is the founder and Sr. Pastor of City of Refuge Ministries International and the founder/director of the Meal Assistance Program and was instrumental in the formation of the A3-All About Adrian Resident Coalition. Boone serves as the treasurer of the Adrian Human Relations Commission, the Vice President of the Community Action Agency Advisory Committee, and is a board member of the ProMedica Charles & Virginia Hickman Hospital and the Community Action Agency of Lenawee. He volunteers as a member of the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ Resiliency Committee and the Southeast Michigan Migrant Resource Council. Boone works relentlessly in our community to raise awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion. He advocates for individuals who are disenfranchised and isolated from resources and services.

The Stubnitz Award is presented annually to a person demonstrating exemplary commitment to Lenawee County and the cause for volunteerism in the Lenawee community. The award is named in memory of Lenawee philanthropist and businessman, Maurice Stubnitz.


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Past Recipients

2022 De’Angelo Boone
2021 Lois and Graham Fleming
2020 Doug Gray
2019 Janis Montalvo
2018 Jim Hartley
2017 Londa Pickles
2016 Nate Smith
2015 Janelle Stewart
2014 Lad Strayer
2013 Mark & Mary Murray
2012 Joseph R. Williams
2011 Burt Fenby
2010 Allan F. Brittain
2009 Tom & Christine MacNaughton
2008 Art Weber
2007 Bill Kenyon
2006 Mike Wade
2005 Gerry Burg
2004 John Wanke
2003 John Robertstad
2002 Joy Smith

2001 Sam & Kathy Engardio
2000 Gary Owen
1999 Laura Schaedler
1998 Ceal Schwartz
1997 Bruce & Sue Goldsen
1996 Garry Clift
1995 Tom & Michalene Fenstemacher
1994 Mary Kilgore Vallad
1992 David Maxwe
1991 Frank Dick
1990 Russell Roback
1989 Shelley Hickman
1988 Robert Parish
1987 Madeline Hikes
1986 Dr. James Watson/
Joseph Wagley, Jr.
1985 Howard White
1984 Rev. Herbert Cottrell
1983 Ken Gonser
1982 Grace Miley
1981 Leroy Younglove

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