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When you begin a family charitable endowment with your estate gift, chosen heirs will have the privilege of expressing your family values by recommending grants.  This priceless experience will change not only their lives, but also the lives of local residents.  Your legacy of caring will live on.

When you choose to leave a gift to the Lenawee Community Foundation to any existing fund or to a fund you create, the Lenawee Community Foundation will follow your directives and make sure the gift is used exactly as you intend – For good.  For ever.

We appreciate Legacy Society members’ willingness to add their names to the list.  By doing so we are able to include them at Foundation events, thank them personally and assure that their wishes are in the Foundation’s permanent records.  We hope their actions will inspire you to join with them and build a healthier community.  It is the opportunity of your lifetime.  

Lenawee Leave a Legacy is a collaborative that promotes and encourages planned giving for the benefit of the Lenawee County community.

Lenawee Leave a Legacy Partners:

  • John Gruel – Gross Puckey Gruel & Roof
  • Rick Gurdjian – Gurdjian Insurance Group
  • Sue Hammersmith – Lenawee Community Foundation
  • Dave Hickman – Lenawee Community Foundation
  • Betsy Kelsey – ProMedica
  • Kathryn Mohr – Robison Curphey & O’Connell
  • Mike Olsaver – Robison Curphey & O’Connell

We are appreciative of the following persons who have left a bequest to the Lenawee Community Foundation.


Please consider including the

Lenawee Community Foundation

 in your will or estate plan.

For good. For ever.


Sample Language for Your Will or Trust

As your advisor and you draft your estate plan or will, please remember the Lenawee Community Foundation – no matter how large or small your bequest.  Following are some statements that can be used.

General or Specific Bequest – “I give, devise and bequeath to the Lenawee Community Foundation the sum of $___ (or ___ %) from my estate.

Remainder of Estate – “After all specified bequests have been made I give, devise and bequeath to the Lenawee Community Foundation all (or ___ %) of the remainder of my estate.

Contingent Bequest – “I give the residue of my   estate to ______ family member.  If that person does not survive me, I give the residue of my estate to the Lenawee Community Foundation.”

Please let us know if you have included the Lenawee Community Foundation in your estate plan or will. For further information, please contact Sue Hammersmith.

Our deepest gratitude is extended to the members of The Legacy Society, who have made arrangements for planned gifts to the Lenawee Community Foundation.