Pillar Award

2020 Community Pillars Award Recipient – Gurdjian Insurance Group

Gurdjian Insurance Group is the 2020 recipient of the Community Pillar Award, which is presented to an individual, couple, or business to recognize outstanding impact on our community through Lenawee Cares. They are a community-minded business with an incredible group of employees, who consistently display a culture of caring through volunteering and generous gifts to help others. Their employees are generous donors to Lenawee Cares, as Pillars Club or Tomorrow’s Pillar members. They serve on the Lenawee Community Foundation Board of Directors, Lenawee Cares Advisory Board, and have participated in Year of Caring since January 2019, adopting Adrian Community Preschool every month. Londa Pickles, their President, recently stepped up to co-chair the 2020-2021 Lenawee Cares campaign.

The Community Pillar Award was established in 2015 to recognize an individual, couple, or business committed to a lifetime of service and giving to our community.

The award recipient is a true pillar of the community, who has led by example and engages others in philanthropy.

Pillar Award Recipients:

2015 Frank & Shirley Dick

2017 Joe Williams

2018 Gleaner Life Insurance Society

2019 Brazeway LLC.

2020 Gurdjian Insurance Group