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2020 Lenawee Leadership Award Recipients – Gary & Cindi Gray


Gary & Cindi Gray were selected to receive the 2020 Lenawee Leadership Award. Gary and Cindi have big hearts for our community and for others, especially children. Together they created Hot Rocks basketball camp 29 years ago to teach basketball and life lessons. There is no charge to attend this camp. Gary has been an assistant varsity basketball coach and board member at Lenawee Christian School. He is CEO of Gray Institute and is world-renown in the field of physical therapy. Cindi volunteered and taught weekly at the Adrian Training School for 20 years. She has shared her skill of sign language in churches and schools, as well as at Gray Institute. She has served on the Crisis Pregnancy Board and volunteered at HOPE Community Center. Together, Gary and Cindi are quite a team. They are kind and considerate, living by motto: If you think someone needs something, give it to them. They are genuine and authentic, quietly living their values through actions that serve others.


The Lenawee Leadership Award, presented by the Lenawee Community Foundation, honors individuals or couples, who exemplify the underlying principle that the future of our county will be determined by the quality of its leadership.

The award was formerly known as the Maple Leaf Award and presented by the Lenawee Economic Development Corporation (LEDC).  Because the award no longer fit the core business of the LEDC, the Lenawee Community Foundation agreed to accept responsibility for the award.  Former recipients of the Maple Leaf Award, established in 1953, continue to be recognized as recipients of the new award.

The prestigious award was renamed The Lenawee Leadership Award to acknowledge the county-wide focus, and encompass all aspects of the quality of life in Lenawee.  The award is a perfect fit with the Lenawee Community Foundation, its philanthropic leadership, and its mission to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Lenawee in the areas of civic projects, culture, health, education, and social services.

“We are honored to be given the opportunity through The Lenawee Leadership Award to recognize outstanding community leaders, and the impact they have on our community and its future,” stated Dave Hickman, Chairman of the Lenawee Community Foundation Board of Directors.

The focus of the award on the future mirrors the Foundation purpose, as the only local nonprofit to focus primarily on the future of the community.  The Foundation is similar to a community savings account, permanently investing gifts and utilizing the earnings to make grants that benefit our community.

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