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Lenawee Community Foundation - LogoThe Lenawee Community Foundation was organized in the 1950’s as the Tecumseh Community Fund Foundation. In the earlier days, this foundation operated as an annual fundraiser, distributing the funds raised each year.

In 1996 the Foundation changed its focus to become a true foundation, utilizing the permanent endowment concept. Because of a commitment to serve the entire county, the name was legally changed to Lenawee Community Foundation in 2005.

The Lenawee Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the Internal Revenue Service for federal deductions for gifts.

The Lenawee Community Foundation is unique when compared to the other nonprofits in Lenawee County

1. We work for the future of our community. Although we provide funds to address current community needs, most of our funds are permanently invested with a portion of the earnings utilized for charitable causes. Thus, you can think of us as a community “savings account” with our major focus on Lenawee’s anticipated needs.

2. We are broad-based. No other nonprofit in Lenawee works in the five areas we do – Health, Civic, Culture, Education, and Human Services.