About Us

The Lenawee Community Foundation is unique among Lenawee County nonprofits in. We focus on enhancing the health, happiness and hope of our citizens through permanent endowments that address current and anticipated community needs and raising, managing, and distributing the funds for those purposes.

We Work for the Future of our Community

Although we provide funds to address current community needs, most of our funds are permanently invested with a portion of the earnings utilized for charitable causes. Thus, you can think of us as a community “savings account” with our major focus on Lenawee’s anticipated needs.

The Causes We Support are Diverse

We’re the only nonprofit in Lenawee that works in five areas – health, civic, culture, education, and human services. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the Internal Revenue Service for federal deductions for gifts.

We Perform a Variety of Functions

While our main focus is to manage investor assets and distribute funds in the community, we also provide a variety of other programs.

  • Lenawee Cares Campaign – An annual fundraising campaign that distributes grants to local nonprofits each spring.
  • Nonprofits Workshops – Training and educational opportunities for nonprofits and board of directors.
  • Imagination Library – Distribution of books to youth in the community through partnerships with local libraries.

Our Team

David S. Hickman, Interim President & CEO

Paula Trentman, Vice President & Director of Grants & Programs

Cynthia Heady, Director of Development & External Engagement

Jim Southard, Director of Operations/Technology & Lenawee Cares Campaign

Board of Directors

Dave Hickman, Chair
Scott Hill, Vice Chair
Kris Schmidt, Secretary
Jim Kapnick, Treasurer
Bob Vogel, Past Chair

Carrie Ausmus
Merri Jo Bales
Pat Gilpin
Julie Goll
Doug Gray
Chuck Gross

Rick Gurdjian
Elliana Gutierrez
Dave Herriman
Paula Holtz
Ben Negron
Dave Pray
Nicole Underwood