Leaving Your Mark: How Will Lenawee Remember You?

May is Leave a Legacy Month, a time to reflect on the mark we want to leave on the world. Have you considered how you will be remembered? Or how your values and passions can continue to make an impact on the causes closest to your heart? Without a clear plan for your legacy, these important decisions might be left to state laws or default settings instead of lining up with your dreams and wishes.

Without a will or trust, your assets and intentions could be distributed without regard for your specific desires. This means that the causes and communities you care about might not benefit from your lifetime of hard work. Without proper planning, your estate may incur higher taxes, diminishing the value of your lasting legacy and impact.

The caring and trusted team at your Lenawee Community Foundation understands the deep meaning and incredible importance of creating a personal and meaningful legacy. We are here to help you make sure your goals for giving are not only met, but also have a lasting and “forever” impact. Each of us has the power to make a real difference; whether your passion is education, the arts, health and wellness, veterans, senior citizens, parks and recreation, housing and hunger initiatives, family support, or youth development, you can help shape the future of Lenawee County and beyond through your legacy.

Creating your legacy through our community’s local Foundation not only provides peace of mind but also offers tangible benefits. Thoughtfully planned charitable gifts can reduce the tax burden on your estate and maximize the impact of your contributions. By structuring your giving, you can ensure that your support for cherished causes endures and that your memory lives on through tangible, beneficial projects, and initiatives.

Take a moment to consider how you would like to be remembered. Imagine the potential of your generosity to foster lasting change. The Lenawee Community Foundation is ready to assist you every step of the way. We invite you to discuss how your vision through giving can be transformed into a lasting legacy.

As we observe Leave a Legacy Month, consider making a decision that will resonate for generations. Contact the Lenawee Community Foundation to learn more about creating a legacy that reflects your dedication to our community for generations to come. What legacy do you want to leave behind?


Bronna Kahle serves as the President & CEO of the Lenawee Community Foundation.  Your Community Foundation partners with individuals, corporations, and organizations to fulfill their charitable goals and dreams for Lenawee.  For information about how your business, any group, your family, or you can help build a better community for today and forever, call 517.263.4696, contact forlenawee@lenaweecf.com , or visit lenaweecf.com.