Community foundations are nonprofits that receive donations, place the gifts in permanently invested funds, and use earnings from the investments for charitable purposes.  In simplest terms, a community foundation acts like a savings account that is intended to last forever with a portion of the earnings utilized to fund charitable programs.  Community foundations may also receive nonpermanent (“spendable”) donations, however this is not our primary focus.

The Lenawee Community Foundation assists individuals, businesses, and organizations in achieving their charitable goals for our community.  You can:

  • Address health, civic, culture, education, or social service needs.
  • Utilize a wide variety of giving options & receive maximum tax benefits now or through your estate plan.
  • Benefit from the Foundation’s personalized service, local expertise, and community leadership.
  • Make gifts that benefit the community now and forever.
  • For a copy of the Lenawee Community Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy please contact the Foundation at 517.263.4696

You can achieve your charitable goals through the Lenawee Community Foundation by:

  • Contributing to an existing fund,
  • Establishing your own fund, either during your lifetime or through your estate, or
  • Establishing a fund in your name or the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize.

A commitment of $10,000 is required to establish a named fund, however gifts of any amount are accepted for existing funds.

Most often, people choose the Lenawee Community Foundation because they share our passion to enhance the quality of life for Lenawee residents.  Other advantages of partnering with the Lenawee Community Foundation include:

  • Donor Focus – The Foundation provides tools and resources to make giving easy and flexible.
  • Local Expertise – Grants are targeted for the maximum benefit for our community.  We closely monitor community needs, opportunities and resources, and are willing to assist donors in making their giving as impactful as possible.
  • Permanence – Most gifts to the community foundation are endowed to last and make a local impact forever.
  • Accountability – Board and staff members assure accountability to the community through sound financial and investment policies and management, including professional investment managers and an annual audit.
  • Economies of Scale – Although each fund has its own identity, purpose and data tracking, funds are pooled for investment purposes.  This reduces risk, maximizes performance and lowers overhead costs for each fund.  There are many ways to contribute and accomplish one’s charitable objectives, while minimizing paperwork that individuals might have to do on their own.
  • Tax Advantages – Federal tax deductions are available to donors who itemize.
  • Community Leadership – The Foundation is governed by local community leaders, who nurture giving, stewardship and volunteerism.