For Lenawee’s health, happiness, and hope.
Now and forever.

The Lenawee Community Foundation empowers charitable giving and helps donors support causes that they care about.

We are Lenawee’s most trusted resource for growing philanthropy that makes a significant impact on the lives of our residents. We believe that generosity transforms not only the giver but also the recipient and increases health, happiness, and hope for us all. Now and forever.

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Contribute to the collective effort or start your own fund.

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Grants and scholarships support nonprofits and students.

Lenawee Trust

Ultimate flexibility for the future
The needs in our community change with each generation and can be difficult to anticipate. The best way to ensure your investment leaves a lasting legacy is through investment in Lenawee Trust. The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables the community foundation’s program experts to respond to the community’s most pressing needs, now and forever.

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Lenawee Cares Campaign

Every fall we kick off the annual Lenawee Cares campaign, which provides all of our residents and local employees with an opportunity to contribute to local nonprofits. Learn more about this exciting campaign that typically raises over $500,000 each year.

Recent News

Knight Grants Awarded

Before Marilyn Underhill, daughter of V.C. and Velma Knight, passed away, she made sure that her parents’ wishes were carried out to benefit Lenawee.  She said, “My parents came from humble backgrounds, however they did well financially and were able to help hundreds of people in their lifetimes.” But V.C. and Velma Knight did much […]

Grateful Hearts, Stronger Community: A Thanksgiving Message from Lenawee Community Foundation

Happy Thanksgiving, Lenawee County! It’s that time of year when we gather around tables with loved ones and give thanks for the many joys in our lives. At the Lenawee Community Foundation, we are filled with gratitude, not just for the season but for the incredible people who make our work possible – our donors, […]

Leave a Lasting Legacy: Why and How to Include a Planned Gift in Your Estate for the Lenawee Community Foundation.

When individuals leave a planned gift to the Lenawee Community Foundation in their estate plans, they make a profound and lasting impact on our community, leaving behind a legacy of support for the causes they care about enabling our community to thrive for generations to come. What is a Planned Gift? A planned gift, also […]


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