Ways to Give – The Gift of the Acorn

Your generous gift serves as a dynamic force, constantly adapting to meet the evolving needs of our community. From nurturing arts and culture to fostering economic development, enhancing education, preserving the environment, supporting health and human services, and revitalizing neighborhoods—your contribution touches every facet of community well-being.

With the unrestricted nature of your donation, our team of program experts at the community foundation stands ready to address both present challenges and unforeseen ones that may arise in the future. Your gift provides the essential flexibility needed to ensure that we can effectively respond to the ever-changing landscape of community needs, both today and tomorrow.

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Additional Ways to Give

At Lenawee Community Foundation, we proudly oversee a diverse portfolio of more than 250 charitable funds, each dedicated to making a meaningful impact in our community. With such a wide array of options available, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect match for your philanthropic vision.

Whether you’re passionate about supporting education, empowering local artists, strengthening economic development, or addressing vital community needs, we offer numerous avenues for you to give back and make a difference. Let us guide you through the various opportunities to create a lasting legacy that aligns perfectly with your values and goals.

Donor-Advised Funds

With a donor-advised fund, you maintain active participation in how your philanthropic contributions are utilized to support charitable endeavors. You have the autonomy to recommend grants to qualified nonprofits that align with your values and interests.

Our dedicated team of program professionals is readily available to assist you in identifying nonprofits that are effectively addressing the issues and causes closest to your heart. We handle all necessary due diligence to ensure that recipient organizations are in good standing and are making a genuine impact.

Your recommendations are then thoughtfully reviewed by our board for approval, after which we swiftly distribute grant funds. Donor-advised funds offer an excellent avenue for individuals, families, and businesses to engage meaningfully in philanthropy while maximizing the positive influence of their charitable giving.

Field of Interest Funds

Your contribution holds the power to make a meaningful difference in a crucial aspect of community life that resonates deeply with you, whether it’s supporting the arts, preserving the environment, nurturing youth, empowering the elderly, or any other area close to your heart. When you make your gift, you have the opportunity to specify your personal interest area.

Subsequently, our board directs grants to nonprofits and initiatives that are actively driving positive change within the chosen focus area. Your targeted gift ensures that your passion and commitment translate into tangible impact, enriching the lives of individuals and communities in the areas that matter most to you.





Your generosity can pave the way for students to reach their educational aspirations, supported by the personalized assistance and expertise of the community foundation. Collaborating with our team, you can tailor the criteria for the scholarship you wish to establish, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your vision and values.

Once the criteria are set, we take care of the entire process, from managing applications to facilitating scholarship awards. With our dedicated support, you can make a profound impact on the lives of deserving students while streamlining the administrative tasks involved in managing a scholarship program


Designated Funds

You have the power to target your contribution towards a cause or nonprofit organization that holds special significance for you. Whether it’s sustaining a senior center, preserving a museum, or supporting any nonprofit that resonates with your values, your gift can make a lasting impact.

By establishing a designated fund through the Lenawee Community Foundation, you provide a consistent stream of annual support, offering stability and security for the organization’s ongoing operations. Additionally, this designated fund can serve as a powerful tool for the organization to build its endowment, thereby strengthening its capacity to accept substantial and intricate donations in the future.

Community Project Funds

Our non-endowed funds serve as vital resources for temporary or special projects within Lenawee County, spanning from essential capital improvements to enriching youth programs and fostering artistic endeavors.

Agency Funds

Agency funds at a community foundation are funds established to hold and manage charitable contributions on behalf of another nonprofit organization or entity. Essentially, the community foundation acts as a fiscal sponsor for the designated organization, managing and investing the contributed assets in accordance with the donor’s wishes and the organization’s mission. These funds provide a convenient and efficient way for nonprofits to benefit from the administrative and investment expertise of the community foundation while focusing on their core activities and programs.

Establish a Fund in Your Name

To explore the specifics of establishing a particular fund, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can provide you with detailed information regarding the required gift size and guide you through the process.

Moreover, any of the funds outlined here can bear the name of your choosing—be it your own, your family’s, your organization’s, or in honor of someone special to you. Every grant distributed from the fund you establish, both now and in the future, is allocated to charities in the name of your fund.

By creating such a fund, you’re not only making a tangible impact today but also laying the foundation for a lasting legacy of generosity and unwavering support for our community. Let us assist you in shaping this meaningful contribution.