Lenawee Cares Campaign


A Simple Way to Impact Your Community

The Lenawee Cares Campaign is an effective way for you to donate to important causes in Lenawee County. The annual fundraising campaign, implemented in 2016, provides grants and designations to local nonprofit organizations with a specific focus of meeting the basic needs of individuals in our community.

Donations are accepted each fall and grant recipients are selected the following spring. The Lenawee Cares Advisory Board, a group of community leaders, oversees the process with support from Lenawee Community Foundation staff.

If you are unable to download the form, please contact Paula Trentman at paula@lenaweecf.com or (517) 263-4696

How Does It Work?

  • Pledges are made online or through your business.
  • Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Payroll deduction, credit card, or PayPal are methods utilized for payment.
  • Money raised in the fall is distributed through annual grants to local nonprofits starting in the spring.
  • 100% of donations remain in Lenawee, with the exception of a donor who designates to an out of county non-profit organization.

Here are the Best Parts

  • You can choose to designate your donation to nonprofits or area communities.
  • 10% of the money raised is placed in a permanent fund so earnings can provide even more benefit when needed.
  • The fundraising has low overhead – approximately 10%.
  • 100% of funds benefit the community, now and forever.
Lenawee Cares
Members of the Lenawee Cares Advisory Board and Lenawee Community Foundation

Members of the Lenawee Cares Advisory Board and Lenawee Community Foundation celebrate with grantees, marking the success of this year’s campaign funds raised. The donations to the campaign stay right here in Lenawee County.

In 2024, Lenawee Cares distributed funding for 35 grants and 85 donor designations.

Organizations like the Hope Center are positively impacted by the Lenawee Cares campaign

Organizations like the Hope Center, pictured above, are positively impacted by the Lenawee Cares campaign. Not only do your donations support these programs, but your volunteered time makes a lasting impact. Together we all work together to strengthen the fabric of our community.

Invest to Make Lenawee Stronger

Mandy is in quality daycare while her mother, Darlene, works towards her college degree with the help of a daycare scholarship from the Child Care Network. Darlene can focus on her studies while planning a brighter future for both of them.

Domestic violence survivors seek shelter at the Catherine Cobb Safe House where they receive counseling and legal assistance. This safe space offers them support, time and privacy to make decisions.

Lenawee Cares Advisory Board

The Lenawee Cares Advisory Board is made up of 17 community volunteers who review community data, assess community needs, and make recommendations for funding where gifts can make the greatest impact. To date nearly $4 million has been granted to local programs.

child holding thank you sign
2023-24 Campaign Total
Over $3.8 Million
Designated to Endowment Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We value and respect our donors and honor their wishes.

The Lenawee Cares Campaign was created by our community solely for the benefit of Lenawee and its residents. If you love Lenawee, put that love into action through the annual campaign. Pledge payments are easy through payroll deductions at your workplace, electronic fund transfers, a credit card or billing..

Addressing health and human service programs with an emphasis on meeting basic needs. Until the basic needs of people are met, it is impossible to address other community issues.

The Lenawee Cares Advisory Board reviews grant requests, organization ratings, community needs; and provides program assessment ratings. The advisory board members review and make a recommendation to the Lenawee Community Foundation Board of Directors, who approve the grants.

Lenawee Cares, established in 2016, is our community’s plan for the sole benefit of Lenawee through a fall campaign from which grants are made to local nonprofit organizations. Community members sought a more efficient and effective campaign model when creating Lenawee Cares.

The Lenawee Cares campaign raises more than $500,000 annually. 10% of each campaign is placed in an endowment, which is used when needs increase. $50,000 of the Lenawee Cares endowment was provided as a match to the COVID-19 Response Fund created by Lenawee Community Foundation in 2020.