Leave a Legacy For Your Community

You Can Help Secure Lenawee’s Future

If you grew up in Lenawee County, how many of your siblings still live here?  How many of your children, or nieces and nephews still reside in the town where they were born? 

For many centuries in America, most people lived their entire lives close to their birthplaces, and passed on their assets to the next generation here.  This is no longer true.  And, unfortunately, once these worldly goods leave our community, they may never return. 

Research commissioned by community foundations in Michigan has estimated that $1.2 billion – homes, farmland, retirement savings, stocks and bonds, and other assets – will be transferred to the next generation over the next 10 years in Lenawee County.  While the vast majority will go to heirs, Lenawee residents are urged to consider leaving 10% for their community. 

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a legacy to your community.  Bernice Duncan, a Tecumseh resident, gifted her heirlooms to her sister and niece and her $125,000 home to the Lenawee Community Foundation.

What are some options for your estate gifts?  You can support your church, the arts, health care, education, or your favorite charities.  You can feed the hungry, support literacy, or fund youth programs.  You can support Deerfield, Onsted, Morenci, Blissfield, Adrian, or any other community in Lenawee County. 

The Lenawee Community Foundation assists individuals, businesses, and organizations in achieving their charitable goals for our community through permanent endowments.  Although the Lenawee Community Foundation awards annual grants from investment earnings, we are the only nonprofit that works primarily for Lenawee’s future.  

Everyone can be a philanthropist.

“We are asking Lenawee residents to help secure our community’s future,” stated Dave Hickman, Chairman.  “Anyone who helps to secure our future, whatever the size of the gift, will make an extraordinary and lasting impact in Lenawee.”

IRAs, 401(k)s, and insurance policies may be the best assets to earmark for estate giving, since they only require a change in beneficiary, and they can lose up to 70% in taxes when given to heirs.  However, there are many options for estate gifts.  If you are interested in including a charitable provision in your estate plan, consult your professional advisor to make sure you use the best vehicle to achieve your charitable goals, while receiving maximum tax and legal advantages.

“There’s no time like the present to make sure that the transfer of property and possessions is a transformative force for good in Lenawee,” stated Hickman.  “Gifts of all sizes – 10% to 100% if you have no heirs – will add up to big benefits that Lenawee will experience for generations.  Please join in helping to secure Lenawee’s future now and forever.”