The Future is in our Hands


The Heartland Center for Leadership Development began studying rural communities in the mid-1980’s during the heart of the farm crisis.  They selected and profiled small towns that were thriving, despite dire predictions when the odds were stacked against them.  From their study, the center published Clues for Rural Community Survival.

Clue #20 is “Conviction That, in the Long Run, You Have to Do It Yourself – Thriving communities believe their destiny is in their own hands.  They are not expecting outsiders to save them and they know they just can’t wait for things to happen.  Making their communities good places is a pro-active assignment, and they willingly accept it.”

To be sure, Lenawee is facing challenges today. Will someone ride in on a white horse to save us?  Not likely.  Lenawee’s destiny is in our hands.

If each Lenawee resident, through their estate, gifted 10% to our community, it would create a legacy that could establish a firm foundation for our communities, social services, the arts, education, and health.  Would your heirs miss 10%?  If you have no children or grandchildren, would you consider giving your entire estate to benefit your community?

Imagine what you could do!  You could:

  • Help your home community – the Addison, Adrian, Blissfield, Britton-Macon, Clinton, Deerfield, Hudson, Morenci, Onsted, Sand Creek, or Tecumseh area. 
  • Support an endowed fund to help sustain one or more of your favorite nonprofits.
  • Establish a scholarship that would provide access to college for generations into the future.
  • Help children, provide for basic needs, or serve seniors. 
  • Increase access to health care, support a clinic or hospital, or provide education about healthy lifestyles. 
  • Support the symphony, fine arts, or performing arts.  

Whatever your dream for making our community better, it can be achieved.

The Lenawee Community Foundation assists individuals, businesses, and organizations in achieving their charitable goals for our community through permanent endowments.  Although the Lenawee Community Foundation awards annual grants from investment earnings, it is the only nonprofit in Lenawee that works  primarily for the future of our community.

Whether we have children or grandchildren or no heirs, most of us would like our community to become a  better place.  No one is ever going to care about Lenawee as much as we do.  Whatever we do – or fail to do – we are leaving our legacy for future generations.

You have an opportunity to help make Lenawee’s future brighter by accepting the challenge to gift 10% of your estate to our community.  It can be as simple as a beneficiary change on your life insurance policy or retirement plan, an addition to a CD, or an addendum to your will or trust.  For assistance, contact your professional advisor or the Lenawee Community Foundation.


Are You Interested in More Information?

The Lenawee Community Foundation assists individuals, corporations, and organizations in fulfilling their charitable goals for our community.  Services include: planned giving, information about charities and places to volunteer, and presentations about philanthropy.