Scholarships & Back to School

Like most kids, I enjoyed the long, lazy days of summer and a break from the school routine. Yet, every August I looked forward to the back-to-school excitement with new teachers, new classes, and new things to learn.  Today, across Lenawee County, students from pre-K to post-secondary levels are preparing to get their new school year off to a great start.

For families, the cost of beginning the new school year can be challenging at every grade level.  My heart is warmed by the generosity of so many across our community who donate vital school supplies and backpacks to local programs for distribution to kids in need.  My heart is also warmed by the generosity of individual donors who contribute to scholarship funds at the Lenawee Community Foundation to support learning opportunities for our high school graduates.

While I am always inspired by the generosity of donors making a difference, I am especially grateful during this back-to-school time of year for all who invest in our next generation through a scholarship fund. Every fall, they pave the way to success for students heading off to school or technical training.  These individuals are changing lives and making dreams come true.

 In 2023, the Lenawee Community Foundation awarded over $245,000 in scholarships to more than 100 students.  It is our privilege to partner with donors who make these scholarship awards possible and help make the back-to-school excitement at the post-secondary level a reality for everyone, regardless of need. Together, we are opening the door to unlimited possibilities for a student on their way to greatness.

Scholarship Funds preserve memories, honor legacies, and serve as powerful passports to potential for our next generation of leaders.  If you would like to use your gift to help students achieve their educational goals, all with the guidance and personal services of your community foundation, please reach out to us at 517-263-4696 or email  You work with our team to determine the criteria students must meet to receive the scholarship you establish. Your community foundation handles applications and processes scholarship awards.

To quote Pele’, an accomplished and acclaimed Brazilian athlete, “Success is not accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”.  May we inspire our next generation to learn, study, and persevere this upcoming school year.  From pre-K to college or trade school, let’s work together as a community to make this the best school year ever for our students!


Bronna Kahle serves as the President & CEO of the Lenawee Community Foundation.  Your Community Foundation partners with individuals, corporations, and organizations to fulfill their charitable goals and dreams for Lenawee.  For information about how your business, any group, your family, or you can help build a better community for today and forever, call 517.263.4696, contact , or visit