Making A Difference In Make-A-Will Month


 August is National Make-A-Will Month which is the perfect time to create a will or update your current one, even if it may be a difficult subject.  It’s also the perfect time to think about the legacy you want to leave and how you can make a lasting difference.  

Today only one-third of American adults have a will.  Many report they do not have one because of time or because they simply believe it is not for them. While it is true that a person’s assets and wealth play a role in how long the planning process may be, it does not change the need.  Everyone should have a will, no matter your age or net worth.

Your will is a powerful and important document.  It is how you can make sure your assets and belongings end up where you want them to go.  It provides your family direction and gives your loved ones peace of mind during a vulnerable time.  It is a way to leave your legacy and make a positive difference in the lives of the people in your community with your gift to charity. In short, a will is the perfect tool to make your mark on what matters to you.

Many mistakenly think only the very wealthy can make a difference by leaving a gift to a nonprofit organization or foundation, also called planned giving. The truth is there are many ways for people to participate in planned giving.  Organizations like the Lenawee Community Foundation accept cash donations, real estate, stocks, and more. You can also set up your will to give a certain percentage of your estate to charity. Even a 1% designation to the community foundation can create a ripple effect that lasts for years to come.

A gift after your lifetime can be a beautiful expression of your values and beliefs and a wonderful gift for your community.

At the Lenawee Community Foundation, we encourage everyone to participate in Make-A-Will Month. Create your will or review your estate plan, make any necessary changes, and consider including charitable giving as part of your legacy.  Please contact us to learn how to support the causes that matter to you through gifts that are planned today and will be realized for generations. We look forward to hearing from you and your advisors as you create or update your estate plan to ensure your wishes are carried out and your legacy is upheld.


Bronna Kahle serves as the President & CEO of the Lenawee Community Foundation.  Your Community Foundation partners with individuals, corporations, and organizations to fulfill their charitable goals and dreams for Lenawee.  For information about how your business, any group, your family, or you can help build a better community for today and forever, call 517.263.4696, contact , or visit