Durst and Hodapp Legacy Gifts

In 2014 Lenawee County lost several wonderful community citizens.  But, two of these individuals recently made gifts totaling $3,500 to the Lenawee Humane Society.


Ted Durst was known to many through the legal community, the Adrian Kiwanis Club, and his business, Roto Plastics.  Although he passed away in August, 2014 he continues to give to several causes he cared about during his lifetime.

Durst and Hodapp Legacy GiftsPHOTO: From left, Marcie Cornell, Executive Director, Lenawee Humane Society, and Sue Hammersmith, President & CEO, Lenawee Community Foundation

Marjorie Hodapp was a lovely woman, who cared about her community and animals.  She passed away in October, 2014, and continues to give every year to the Lenawee Humane Society.

This is the power of endowed gifts!  Both Durst and Hodapp made donations to the Lenawee Community Foundation, and asked the Foundation to make annual gifts from the earnings.  The gifts have been invested, so they can last permanently and make gifts every year to their favorite causes.

How would you like to make Lenawee better?  Your legacy could help children, provide for food and shelter, or serve senior citizens.  You could increase access to health care, support a hospital, or provide education about healthy lifestyles.  You could support preschool education, provide after school programs, or fund higher education.  Your legacy could support the symphony, art, or the performing arts.  You could enrich your home town.  However you would like your community to be better, we would love to assist you in leaving your legacy.

The Lenawee Community Foundation assists individuals businesses, communities and organizations in achieving their charitable goals in the areas of health, civic projects, culture, education, and human services.  We are like the community’s charitable savings account, building permanent funds from which earnings are used for grants that improve the quality of life here – forgood for ever.

Would you like to explore how you can leave a legacy in our community?  Contact Sue at the Lenawee Community Foundation.