2021 Call for Nominations for Awards

The Lenawee Community Foundation is seeking nominations for three awards. These three awards are The Lenawee Leadership Award, the Stubnitz Award, and the Incito Award.

The Lenawee Leadership Award honors individuals or couples, who exemplify the underlying principle that the future of our county will be determined by the quality of its leadership. Selection criteria include residency and long-standing volunteer service in Lenawee County, leadership over time, and volunteerism in a variety of ways in the areas of civic projects, culture, health, education, or social services. Formerly known as the Maple Leaf Award, The Lenawee Leadership Award acknowledges the county-wide focus and encompasses all aspects of the quality of life in Lenawee. The award is a perfect fit with the Lenawee Community Foundation, its philanthropic and intentional leadership, and its mission seeking to enrich the quality of life of the people in our region.

The Stubnitz Award recognizes a person demonstrating exemplary commitment to Lenawee County through volunteering with health and human service organizations, and assisting with meeting the basic needs of local residents. This award is named in memory of Maurice Stubnitz, founder of Stubnitz-Greene Spring Corporation in Adrian in the 1930’s, and community philanthropist. The award recipient will exemplify Lenawee Cares, a program of the Lenawee Community Foundation.

The Incito Award honors a young person, age 40 and under, who has emerged as a community leader by demonstrating a commitment to volunteerism, philanthropy, and leadership with Lenawee Cares and other organizations in our community. The award is named ‘incito’, which is defined to inspire, excite, spur, increase, hasten or urge forward. The award will recognize an active volunteer, who volunteers through Lenawee Cares and exemplifies a spirit of caring.

The Lenawee Community Foundation is honored to recognize outstanding community volunteers and leaders, and the impact they have on our community today and into the future. Please consider submitting nominations for The Lenawee Leadership, Stubnitz, and Incito Award.

Nominations are due by February 26, 2021. The nomination forms for the awards are available on our website — lenaweecommunityfoundation.com. Click on About Us in the top toolbar, and then Awards in the dropdown list. If you have questions or would like a nomination form mailed or emailed to you, email Cynthia Heady or call at (517) 423-1729.


Cynthia Heady is the Project Manager at the Lenawee Community Foundation. She individuals, corporations, and organizations in fulfilling their charitable goals for our community. She can be reached at 517-423-1729 or via email.