Lenawee Cares News

Lenawee Employees and Pillars Give Back – BIG!

Lenawee Cares facilitates workplace donation campaigns to raise over $420,000 for local non-profit organizations through direct designations and grants within our community! Over the past 12 months, Lenawee County employers have come together with Lenawee Cares to donate funds themselves, as well as encourage their employees to pledge monies. Individual donors and Pillar Club members also contributed greatly to this campaign.

Thank you to all Lenawee Cares Campaign donors, volunteers, and non-profit organizations. Your hard work, generosity, and humanity continue to shine within our community inflicting tangible change. Our community is better off because of you!

Because of the support of each generous community member who pledged donations, funds are provided to over 20 local non-profits. This funding is used for programs that address basic need fulfillment, adult literacy, domestic violence support, childcare needs, adults with special needs, and family support programs.

The local non-profit organizations within our community are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to providing help and cultivating change within their served populations. Donating through a Lenawee Cares campaign is an efficient and effective way to provide support to these organizations directly so they can quickly provide support to those most in need within our community.

100% of these dollars remain within Lenawee County. 10% of funds raised are placed within an endowment available for future community emergency needs. Administration of the Lenawee Cares Campaign is provided by a dedicated Lenawee Cares Advisory Board made up of 20+ local volunteers, as well as resources from Lenawee Community Foundation.

We encourage all Lenawee businesses and individuals to consider pledging funds or holding a workplace campaign during our 23/24 campaign which will have a kick-off start later this summer. Please reach out to the Lenawee Cares Advisory Board, or the Lenawee Community Foundation for more information on donating, holding a workplace campaign, or serving on the advisory board. The Foundation can be reached at 517-263-4696.


Sarah Bayles is an Adrian Resident and an Account Executive at Kapnick Insurance Group. Sarah is also a community volunteer, including serving on the Lenawee Cares Advisory Board. To reach Sarah  or the Foundation, please contact us at  ForLenawee@lenaweecf.com