Lenawee Community Foundation Programs in our Community

Lenawee Cares

With the recent changes there seems to be some confusion regarding Lenawee Cares.  Lenawee Cares is a program of the Lenawee Community Foundation.  At the request of the Lenawee United Way Board of Directors and upon unanimous approval by the local United Way members, Lenawee Community Foundation agreed to take responsibility for the annual campaign and fund distribution utilizing the Lenawee Cares name.  The local group is no longer using the international brand, so we will not pay dues to the state and U.S. United Ways.  United Way Worldwide has asked Monroe County to add Lenawee to its name, and implement an annual campaign in Lenawee County.  So, there will be two different entities raising annual funds here in Lenawee.


Youth Programs

Lenawee Community Foundation values and invests in our young people through three programs.

  • We offer the Imagination Library to any child from birth to age five, who is registered. We have invested nearly $300,000 in books for Lenawee’s children.
  • Lenawee YOUTH Council encourages volunteering, teaches teens about philanthropy, and provides an opportunity for teens to award grants to youth programs. They offer a Teen Resources card, visit colleges, explore careers, and serve on nonprofit boards.  In fact two of these teens serve on the Lenawee Community Foundation board.
  • Lenawee Youth Leadership is a summer day-camp that teaches leadership skills, community engagement, and youth empowerment.


Grants and Scholarships

Originally as the Tecumseh Community Fund Foundation, and them becoming the Lenawee Community Foundation in 2000, we provide funding to local nonprofits in the areas of health, human services, civic projects, education, and culture.  Over the last 10 years we have awarded $12.6 million in scholarships and grants.  Funds raised through Lenawee Cares will become a part of this larger grant-making process.


Volunteer Lenawee!

Lenawee Community Foundation provides our county’s volunteer center, where we engage AmeriCorps members, promote involvement in national Days of Service, and train and staff a Volunteer Resource Center in time of disaster.  We provide individuals, families, and groups with opportunities to volunteer, and assist 164 nonprofits, which are seeking volunteers.


Community Information and Referral

Lenawee Community Foundation publishes a Community Resource Guide, which is available in print, via email, and on our website at www.lenaweecf.com; just click on the Resource tab.  Lenawee United Way is in the process of discontinuing the 2-1-1 contract, because the cost currently exceeds $13 per call.  Lenawee Community Foundation and local nonprofits will provide information and referral, since we are better informed regarding our local community.


Hunter Helping Lenawee

Hunters wishing to donate a deer can take it to a designated processer, where the Lenawee Community Foundation will pay for the processing.  The venison is donated to local food pantries and meal programs to help people in need.


Do you want to learn more?  If so, please don’t hesitate to contact the Lenawee Community Foundation at (517) 423-1729 or Suann Hammersmith.


Suann Hammersmith, President and CEO of the Lenawee Community Foundation, assists individuals, corporations, and organizations in fulfilling their charitable goals for our community.  Services include: planned giving; information about charities and places to volunteer; and presentations about philanthropy.  If you have questions or would like assistance, contact the Lenawee Community Foundation at (517) 423-1729 or Suann Hammersmith.