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The Legacy Society – Thompson Family

John R. and Ruth V. Thompson moved to Tecumseh in 1932 when John was retained to run United Savings Bank, the forerunner of United Bank & Trust.  A group of local businessmen secured the approval and raised the money to  reopen United after the bank holiday of the Great Depression.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson had 2 children.  John was a physician, and he worked in Lenawee County a short time.  Ruth Anne lived at home and never married.  She worked as a bank clerk, and enjoyed reading and classic movies.  

The Thompson family was very thrifty and made good investments.  They also invested their time in their  community – Tecumseh – with the Presbyterian Church, Service Club, Garden Club, and the Tecumseh  Community Fund Foundation.

After both John R. and Dr. John had passed away, Mrs. Thompson enlisted attorney Emmet Egan to review the estate plans for her daughter and herself.  Their desire was to give back to the Tecumseh area, where they had lived and worked.

Mr. Eagan recommended charitable remainder trusts that had both short and long term tax advantages, protected their income during their lives, and still met their desire to help their adopted community.

Ruth V. passed away, and subsequently Ruth Anne passed away in March of 2006.  Their bequests to the Lenawee Community Foundation totaled nearly $4.8 million from which the interest will be utilized for grants to benefit the Tecumseh area for good for ever


Please consider including the

Lenawee Community Foundation

 in your will or estate plan.

For good. For ever.