The Lenawee YOUTH Council Accepting Grants.

The Lenawee YOUTH Council is excited to announce that we will now be accepting grant requests from youth groups and organizations.

The Lenawee YOUTH Council (LYC) is a Lenawee Community Foundation program dedicated to providing young individuals in Lenawee County (ages 12-21) a space in which they can participate in community service projects, collaborate with others, and develop leadership skills. Meetings are held on a bi-weekly schedule on Mondays at the Lenawee Community Foundation office or online via Zoom. Lenawee YOUTH Council welcomes all youth throughout Lenawee County, ages 12-21, and is always open to new members.

Each year, LYC offers an opportunity for nonprofits, local schools, and other youth groups to receive grants for projects that support youth in Lenawee County. To be considered for financial rewards, applying groups must meet the following requirements: they must demonstrate community value, show evidence of building or supporting youth assets, involve youth volunteers, have a youth coordinator (age 12-21), and benefit other youth in Lenawee County.

Preference is given to proposals that will result in the growth of youth assets as defined in the Search Institute Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors survey. This survey determines the health and well-being of teenage people by assessing forty major developmental experiences, or youth assets, of adolescence.

Applicants are advised to contact the foundation prior to requesting a grant. All grant applications are due April 3 by 5:00 PM. Grant recipients will be notified by June 30, 2023.

Lenawee YOUTH Council members will review grant applications for eligibility and will make recommendations to the Lenawee Community Foundation Board of Directors. Reviewers will base their decision on several factors: whether the group has already received funding, the communities in which the project supports, the number of beneficiaries, and the number of youth assets that will be increased.

A total of $25,000 will be awarded as grants. Applicants can request up to $2,000 in funding.  Funding is not guaranteed; some applicants may receive partial or no amount of their original request.

Please contact Paula Trentman with any questions or concerns regarding Lenawee YOUTH Council or LYC Grant Application at 517.263.4696 or


Written By:

Sienna Rodriguez is a JC/LISD Academy student and member of the Lenawee YOUTH Council.