Press Release from our new President & CEO

Hello, I am Joe Williams, President and CEO of the Lenawee Community Foundation. I am excited and honored to lead “Your” Community Foundation. A big part of my job will be to educate our community about the role a community foundation plays in our community. We have a great team and we are very excited to serve our community.

With deep community knowledge and non-profit expertise, the Lenawee Community Foundation is the philanthropic center of our community. We will connect you to the organizations and people who are making a positive difference in our community so you can create a legacy in the place where lifelong memories are made.
The Lenawee Community Foundation was established over 20 years ago as a permanent source of community capital in Lenawee County. Think of us as a savings account for our community, with proceeds from our endowed and donor advised funds distributed as grants for local nonprofits. Just as you wouldn’t want a community without a library, you wouldn’t want Lenawee County without “Your” thriving community foundation.

We are a tax exempt, public grantmaking charity dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in our community, but our true brilliance and success lies in our ability to leverage the giving of many to make the greatest impact in Lenawee County. In its simplest form, “WE HELP GENEROUS PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE A DIFFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY”.

Here are several reasons to connect with us:

  • Our caring donors, trustees, staff and partners have deep roots in Lenawee County.
  • We invest in strategic opportunities to improve the quality of life for all residents.
  • We multiply charitable impact by bringing donors together around causes they care about most.
  • We engage with community leaders, convening on issues and coordinating resources to create positive change.
  • We offer personalized expertise that helps individuals, families, businesses, and agencies make the wisest choices for philanthropic dollars.
  • You receive maximum tax advantage under state and federal laws.
  • We build endowed funds and donor advised funds that benefit all aspects of our community, for good for ever.

The entire team at “Your” Lenawee Community Foundation has a passion to serve and make Lenawee Community a great place. Please partner with us to make this happen.

We certainly are in challenging times, but we are also in times where the opportunities to make a lasting, positive impact for our entire community are endless.

I am very honored to lead “Your” Community Foundation. Please be sure to be intentional today to encourage someone – it will make a lasting impact.

For more information on “Your” Lenawee Community Foundation, contact Joe Williams, President and CEO at the Lenawee Community Foundation at 423-1729.


Joe Williams is President and CEO of the Lenawee Community Foundation