Lenawee Cares – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Questions & Answers about Lenawee Cares

Lenawee is First in our Hearts & our Name!


Why was Lenawee Cares established?

This program of Lenawee Community Foundation was established in 2016 when the Lenawee United Way board and its members unanimously approved the alliance with the Foundation. It is our community’s plan for the sole benefit of Lenawee through a fall campaign from which grants are made to local nonprofits.


What was the purpose of the alignment?

Our community members sought a more efficient and effective model. We decreased overhead by $150,000, and increased funding to local nonprofits by 5%.


What is the funding focus of Lenawee Cares?

Addressing health and human service programs with an emphasis on meeting basic needs. Until the basic needs of people are met, it is impossible to address other community issues.


What happened to the money that was raised in 2016?

$410,000 was raised. $316,000 was given to nonprofits through grants and donor designations. $34,500 was placed in a permanent Lenawee Cares Health & Human Services Fund from which grants will be given from the earnings each year, forever. (For example, our Kellogg Youth Fund has awarded over $700,000 in grants and still maintains the $1 million initial amount.) $59,500 was used for start-up costs, including materials and supplies, and staffing.


How were the grants awarded?

By the Lenawee Cares Advisory Board, including Doug Gray (Chair), Paula Holtz (Vice Chair), Dave Herriman (Campaign Co-Chair), Sara Herriman (Campaign Co-Chair), Marne Davies, Cathy Davis, John Elchert, Mark Haag, Jim Hartley, Khris Henson Jones, Katie Mattison, Janis Montalvo, Mary Murray, Christopher Phillips, Londa Pickles, Janelle Stewart, and Joe Williams. They reviewed grant requests, organization ratings and community needs; provided program assessment ratings, based on 12 criteria; and after significant discussion, the 17 advisory board members made unanimous recommendations to the 15 individuals on the Lenawee Community Foundation Board of Directors, who unanimously approved the grants.


Which organizations received grants and/or designations?

Adrian Community Preschool; Adrian Rea Literacy Center; Associated Charities; Boys & Girls Club; Catherine Cobb Safe House; Catholic Charites (mental health and substance abuse counseling); Child Care Network; Community Action Agency (self-sufficiency program); Communities in Schools of the Tecumseh Area (student-driven mental health initiative); Croswell Opera House; Daily Bread; Goodwill Industries of SE Michigan; Habitat for Humanity; HOPE Community Center; Hospice of Lenawee; Housing Help of Lenawee; Legal Services of South Central Michigan (eviction diversion); Neighbors of Hope; ProMedica Veggie Mobile; Region 2 Area Agency on Aging; Salvation Army (fresh food); Share the Warmth; St. Mary’s Food Pantry; YMCA (preschool); and numerous smaller distributions plus grants for community programs in Lenawee towns outside Adrian.


What programs are provided by the Lenawee Community Foundation?

The Imagination Library delivers 1,500 books each month to children ages birth to 5. Lenawee YOUTH Council engages youth in volunteering, grant-making, college visits, and more. VOLUNTEER Lenawee! recruits volunteers for local nonprofits, and publishes the community resource guide. We serve as the fiduciary for Weekend Snack Sacks and Lenawee College Access Network; award grants and scholarships, and assist persons in creating their legacies.


Why should I give through Lenawee Cares?

Lenawee Cares was created by our community solely for the benefit of Lenawee and its residents. If you love Lenawee, you can put that love into action through Lenawee Cares.


Can I designate my gift?

Yes, to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We value and respect our donors, and honor their wishes.


What is the ultimate goal?

To best serve our Lenawee County community. While increasing efficiency, strengthening service to local residents, and building a better community, we are growing philanthropy for Lenawee’s future.



The Lenawee Community Foundation assists

individuals, businesses, and organizations in achieving their charitable goals and legacies

for our community in the areas of health, civic projects, culture, education, and human services.

Our core business is helping donors create permanent funds from which gifts work –

For Lenawee. For good. For ever.