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Our Message

We work for the future of our community. Although we provide funds to address current community needs, most of our funds are permanently invested with a portion of the earnings utilized for charitable causes.
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Annual Reports

If you could choose any gift to give, what would be your ultimate gift? Passing on your values to your children and grandchildren? Helping your community? Providing financial stability to your heirs? Supporting your favorite charity?

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Fund Options

Existing funds may be utilized for gifts, or donors may establish new funds in the Lenawee Community Foundation. Funds are categorized in seven areas…
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Event Photos

Throughout our years as the Lenawee Community Foundation we have been determined to help our community be the success it deserves. Take a look at some of our events.

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We provide up-to-the minute fund information to donors and or fund trustees with 24/7 access via our FundWeb software system with instructions onto how to log in!

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Make a Donation Today

Donors, like you, share our same wish. We wish and work towards a greater Lenawee County. We focus on it’s communities and strive to continue to be a great place to live, work, and raise our families in the present, past & future.

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