Going The Extra Step – Lenawee Cares

As we embark on the 2020-2021 Lenawee Cares Campaign, I have been taking time to reflect, spending time thinking about Lenawee County and all the amazing people that live here. I have been thinking about a book that has inspired me throughout my career and into my personal life.

One of my favorite books; 212: The Extra Degree, by Sam Parker. He notes throughout this book about going one step further, just one degree more. Sam Parker states “At 211 degrees water is hot, but at 212 degrees it is boiling!”

This same philosophy applies to our community! What if! What if each and every one of us took our giving one step further? What if we all volunteered just one more time? Could each of us help one more person in our communities?

At the last census, Lenawee County had close to 100,000 residents. Can you even imagine the possibilities if each and every one of us donated just one dollar more or gave just one more hour a week to a local charity? I know, we all do a lot, we give, we donate, we serve. We have families, careers and extremely busy lives. I know we all do. But if I have learned anything from COVID-19, sometimes a slowdown is Okay. Sometimes skipping the game or the meeting to make dinner at home with your family is Okay. Sometimes taking a minute to help a neighbor in need is just the right thing to do. Did you notice the elderly person struggling to load groceries at the store? Did you stop to help or continue on with your busy day?

One extra step goes a long way! What about your local food pantry? Most of them are run solely on volunteers; have you given an hour lately? Could you give an extra hour or maybe drop off a bag of groceries? They are in desperate need! Remember one extra step!

Fall is here and the leaves will soon be falling. Many organizations in Lenawee County help our elderly with fall cleanup; do you like being outdoors? Could you rake a yard or two? Just one extra step!

Could you give another dollar, maybe two this year towards the Lenawee Cares Campaign? Imagine the difference you’ll be making in someone’s life …with just one small adjustment. This campaign I’m encouraging all of us to take one extra step to help make this year our best campaign to date!! I’m going to give it one extra degree, I hope you’ll do the same!

Katie E Mattison is the 2020-2021 Lenawee Cares Campaign Co-Chair