2020 Lenawee Cares Grants Awarded

Last time I shared about the rigorous grants process through Lenawee Cares, a program of the Lenawee Community Foundation.  Because of generous donors, who made gifts or pledges exceeding $509,000, we are now collecting and distributing these funds to local nonprofits, where the greatest good can be achieved.  $405,958 is going to local agencies through grants and designations, and 10% is placed in a permanent endowment.

The balance includes administrative expenses, fundraising costs, and collection loss from individuals, who change jobs after making pledges, so payroll deductions are not paid.  We recently learned just how important the permanent endowment is, when $75,000 was released from the endowment as a match for COVID-19 Response.  Generous donors made gifts which were matched, and to date over $170,000 has been granted to local nonprofits addressing basic needs of local residents during the pandemic.  These grants are in addition to the annual Lenawee Cares grants.

In the first quarter of 2020 nonprofits received more than $198,000 in Lenawee Cares grants, primarily from Gleaner Life Insurance Society and Brazeway employee and corporate gifts. As donors pay their pledges throughout 2020, the remaining Lenawee Cares grants and designations will be paid in equal installments around June 30, September 30, and December 30.
The grants process was carried out by 19 dedicated Lenawee Cares Advisory Board members.  All 18 organizations that applied were awarded funding.  Following are grants, which were approved by the 16-member Lenawee Community Foundation Board, plus donor designations:

  • $19,024 to Adrian Community Preschool for three-year-olds
  • $1,999 to Adrian Rea Literacy Center for adult literacy
  • $19,772 to Associated Charities for clothing and housewares distribution
  • $31,863 to Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee
  • $19,258 to Catherine Cobb Safe House
  • $33,450 to Catholic Charities Child Advocacy Center
  • $6,259 to Child Care Network scholarships
  • $10,800 to Community Action Agency for stabilizing families living in poverty
  • $8,358 to Community Learning Connections
  • $13,347 to The Daily Bread for meals
  • $17,727 to Habitat for Humanity home construction
  • $26,273 to HOPE Community Center for adaptive exercise
  • $14,231 to Housing Help of Lenawee for rent/mortgage assistance
  • $5,336 to Legal Services of South Central Michigan for eviction diversion
  • $15,061 to Share the Warmth homeless shelter
  • $5,792 to St. Mary’s of Good Counsel food pantry & dire needs program
  • $4,379 to Society of St. Vincent de Paul food pantry
  • $11,504 to YMCA for food for children and diabetes prevention
  • There are numerous smaller distributions, as well as funding to be awarded to area community programs.

We are blessed to be part of a community where so many people exemplify Lenawee Cares!  If you’d like information or wish to share your time, talent, or treasure, please contact Lenawee Community Foundation at 423-1729.